Our Top Honeymoon Destinations

Why not head to a totally unique destination where none of your friends have honeymooned? Take in the northern lights, clear skies, and luxurious natural hot springs. Known for its stunning vistas and incredible seafood, Iceland should not be overlooked.

Located on a beautiful remote African island, this gorgeous destination features sandy white beaches and a breathtaking collection of colorful wildlife. Rent your own private villa on the island and unplug for a few days while taking in the sights and sounds of the African seaside.

Experience all of the beauty of Italy without tons of tourists to cramp your style. Located right on the heel of the boot, you’ll find idyllic beaches, peaceful country living, and ancient towns to explore—not to mention the world-renowned food and wine.

Lijiang, China
Located in the heart of China’s Yunnan province, Lijiang offers a window into the rich history and culture of rural China. Unwind at the foot of the Himalayas, spend an afternoon exploring the pastoral landscapes, and sample the mouthwatering Indigenous Cuisine of the Naxi people.

The South Pacific is a great vacation spot, and you can’t really beat a private island getaway. Rent your own villa to relax and enjoy the ocean away from the noise of a crowded resort. Couples interested in taking part in water sports can enjoy snorkeling, boat trips, paddle boarding, and more.

The honeymoon of your dreams starts on your wedding day. Give Reverend by Request a call today, and find out how we can help to make your wedding ceremony truly special.



Thinking About Baptism?

Baptisms are heartfelt celebrations that bring together family, friends, and God to shape a life with love, affection, and spiritual leadership. The baptism officiants and ministers with Reverend by Request take pride in providing beautiful and joyous baptism services in Chicago, Barrington Hills, Johnsburg, and other areas.

For each baptism, we are able to suggest a variety of locations, or you can choose your own. We provide the baptismal font, candle, and keepsake certificate to create a complete and beautiful ceremony. The baptism will be recognized before God, with all the hopes and dreams you have for yourself or your child.

At Reverend by Request, we work with you to create an extraordinary and beautiful baptism ceremony. The Fee for a baptism is $350 (additional fee may need to be charged for traveling). This fee is for one person, but if you would like us to baptize anyone additional, the fee would increase by only $50 per person.

For more information about a baptism minister and reverend services in Chicago, Illinois, contact Reverends by Request today. We look forward to celebrating this spiritual event together with you and your loved ones.



Our top 5 Chicago Wedding Destinations

Nature Boardwalk
This is a large wood pavilion perfectly frames the Loop’s skyline. This boardwalk is located away from busier parts of Chicago, so it is easily accessible for elders and new visitors. Not only is it a beautiful scene for a wedding ceremony, but it also features a scenic pond and large café; a great reception spot.

South Shore Cultural Center
This beautiful beachfront property is ideal for your summer wedding needs. Located near Hyde Park, you will have beautiful view of the lake and distant city skyline.

Adler Planetarium
This is one of the most unique, different, and exclusive wedding venues that Chicago has to offer. With a very close look at the skyline of Chicago, the views from this planetarium are breathtaking. If you are looking for a modern and uncommon approach to your wedding and reception, the Adler Planetarium is the way to go!

Firehouse Chicago
This is a very quaint and charming place for any wedding ceremony. With a very unique look and feel, this building has sustained its neighborhood treasure through many generations. If you are looking for a small, intimate ceremony, Firehouse Chicago is your place.

Jacob Henry Master Estate
This one-stop wedding shop has enchanting scenery for an outdoor wedding, plus an elegant and antique atmosphere inside for a reception. This estate offers services for both indoor and outdoor weddings along with indoor or outdoor receptions. Surrounded by tons of eye-catching plants, sights, and landmarks, this astonishing venue is the perfect place to hold a wedding.



Wedding Package #3 - A Catholic Focused Ceremony

Package 3 has developed out of our client’s request for a more complete Christian Ceremony that resembles a Catholic Mass. This ceremony is usually about 45 minutes to an hour in length.

This package includes everything in Package 2 and more.

The biggest addition to this package is the inclusion of two Officiants (a Celebrant and a co-Celebrant). They work together to give you and your guests the Cathedral Style Wedding that you have dreamed of at the location of your choice.

Many additional touches can be included, including two tall standing hurricane style candlesticks, a 5-foot table that will be draped in appropriate material and used as the Altar (unless other arrangements are supplied).

You will also have the option of offering communion to your Bridal Party and guests plus many other glorious touches that will give your Wedding the Religious feeling that truly represents the two of you. It usually takes about 8+ hours on our part to prepare for a full-service wedding of this level.

Your Minister will attend your Wedding Rehearsal, and orchestrate the flow of the ceremony to all who will be partaking in the glorious event.



Planning a Wedding On A Budget

Keep the Guest List Short: This may not seem like the kindest of options, but if you limit your number of guests from 150 to 100, at $100 per person, you’ve just saved $5,000. Apply this logic to the rest of the things you’ll need to pay for, including refreshments, table and chair rentals, and space at larger venues. Wouldn’t you rather an intimate affair with only your closest friends, rather than having to accommodate third cousins at $100 per plate?

Save on the Cake: Next, consider doing a smaller cake with exactly the flavors and design that you like, but keep supplementary sheet cakes hidden in the kitchen. The sheet cakes can be the same flavor as your real cake, but ordering a smaller cake with only 2 or 3 tiers to be the showpiece can save hundreds of dollars. Also, stick to regular buttercream rather than fondant: It’s cheaper and to be frank, it tastes much better.

Streamline the Menu: For the meal at the reception, if you’re a fan of a more casual affair, consider having appetizers free-flowing throughout the night rather than a sit down dinner. If that’s not your style, you could pare down the menu from 5 courses to 3—guests will still be satisfied and it won’t be overkill. It’s no fun to dance on a too-full stomach!
Rethink the Drinks

Make the Most of Your Surroundings: If you choose a place for the ceremony that’s naturally beautiful, like a park or your rich friend’s estate, you’ll save a ton on decorations. Flowers are probably one of the most expensive items on the wedding bill, so think about that before you commit to a specific theme. You can also save here when it comes to centerpieces: think roses instead of peonies (they can be almost five times as expensive!)



Lively Ideas For Spring Weddings

Pastels are the quintessential springtime colors. Employ soft greens, blues, and pinks to give your wedding a distinctly “springy” ambiance. These colors offer a nice alternative to the classic white wedding, without deviating too far from wedding convention.

Rustic Wildflower Bouquets: Wildflower bouquets can add a nice aesthetic touch to your wedding and make for a fun activity for your bridal party. Why buy a bouquet when the ingredients for a beautiful arrangement are all around us? Visit a local meadow, and create hand-made, gorgeous bouquets of your favorite spring wildflowers.

Butterfly Details: Nothing says spring like the delicate butterfly. Consider adding butterfly graphics to the place setting cards at your reception, or adorn your flower girl with a whimsical butterfly accented head wreath.

Sprouting Centerpieces: Another fun craft project for your wedding; sprout wheatgrass in a wooden planter and top it off with a colorful arrangement of spring flowers. This way, even if your reception is inside, you’ll still be able to take the spirit of spring with you.



Our Favorite Bridal Shower Gift Ideas 3

A bridal shower is a lovely way to honor a friend or family member who is getting married. When shopping for a gift for the bride-to-be, it is important to stay mindful of her interests, hobbies and passions. The traditional “wife-y” presents are nice, but it is more creative and personal if you give her something that is particular to her.

If you feel you don’t know the bride very well, ask someone closer to her about who she is and what she likes. The bride may have registered at a particular store and in that case, your choice of gifts has been narrowed down for you already. If she hasn’t registered, the choice is yours, and naturally you want to choose something that will have meaning for her.

If the bride is a “foodie” who loves to cook, something special for the kitchen is great. A pasta maker is not something every good cook has, and could be something your bride might love experimenting with. A new set of mixing bowls and measuring cups and spoons in fun colors can be an attractive, but no-less useful gift option as well.

For brides who appreciate a little pampering, consider a spa day at an exclusive spa, where she can be treated to a facial, massage, and manicure and pedicure. The time during the wedding planning period can be very stressful, and your bride-to-be might really appreciate the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

If she loves to entertain at home, your options are virtually endless. Nice candlesticks, lanterns, and votive holders are always welcome additions to a new home. You might also consider interesting wine goblets or a beautiful and unique wine decanter. Decorative table decor such as glass globes, vases, and dishes for hors d’oeuvres or candy can make for lovely commemorative centerpieces.