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Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony can be a beautiful way of bringing a long-time Tradition to your wedding. There are basically three candles in the Unity Candle set, with the two side candles usually being taper candles that represent the Bride and Groom as individuals and the center candle that represents the couple together.

Close to the beginning of the Ceremony, the Mother’s of the couple, or someone very special to them, will come up and light the two side tapers. These two candles will stay lit during the ceremony and after the Exchange of Vows and Rings the couple will each take one of the lit side candles and together light the main center candle (Unity Candle). Lighting the center candle represents the couple uniting as one.

The lighting of the Unity Candle is basically a non-Denominational ceremony. It is accepted to use in all Weddings from Christian Weddings and Inter-Faith Weddings, to African American Weddings, Celtic Weddings and non-Religious Weddings. The lighting of the Unity Candle can even be a beautiful part of an Elopement Ceremony.


*Please Note: If your Ceremony is outside, we highly suggest that you do not include the Unity Candle Ceremony in your Wedding plans. The side taper candles may blow out before the Unity Candle can be lit or the Hurricane Glass becomes so hot that someone may get burned or the glass could shatter. The Wedding Sand Ceremony is better suited for outside ceremonies.

Wedding Sand Ceremony

Wedding Sand Ceremony


The Wedding Sand Ceremony is a symbolic and special ritualto celebrate a new life together as a couple. This ceremony is believed to have originated from the Apache Indian customs and represents the joining of two lives as one. The Wedding Sand Ceremony can be used in all wedding ceremonies from the non-Religious to the Full Christian Mass.

The Minister will explain the tradition and meaning to your guests as the ceremony is taking place. The Bridal Couple chooses two different colors of sand that represents each of them. The Bride and Groom each takes turn pouring the sand from the smaller vases into a larger Unity Vase. After the wedding, the Unity Vase is taken to the couple's home as a treasured keepsake of the special day.

The Sand Ceremony is also a wonderful way to unite a blended family. If children are also involved in the new marriage, then this is a beautiful way of expressing the love that you both share for them. Children can choose their own favorite color of sand that will represent them. Everyone takes turns pouring their colored sand choice into the Unity Vase, the children can even say something to each of you or just to the new parent. This is a very touching moment in the ceremony that represents the newly united family, but it also shows your honored guests as well as to the world how much love and acceptance there is.

Rose Presentation Ceremony

The Rose Presentation Ceremony is a time-honored tradition of letting people know that you love and respect them as well as acknowledging your gratitude. This is a very touching and emotional moment for the parties involved as well as your guests.

During the ceremony, the Minister will announce a special “thank you” to the parents or special persons of the couple for their love and support during their developmental years. The couple will bring a Rose to each Mother and Father or special person; they will exchange loving words, hugs and or handshakes. Couples may even leave a Rose on an empty seat of a loved one that cannot be there with them.

This is a Beautiful Tradition to add to your Special Day and one that will be cherished forever.

There are also many other beautiful Wedding Traditions or Heritage Ceremonies that can be included in your Wedding Ceremony.

Rose Ceremony