Wedding Traditions

Your Wedding should be romantic and vivacious, joyous and festive, a unique event that reflects your personalities and styles. As your Wedding Minister, we are here to ensure that it is memorable in all the ways you have dreamed about.

So many couples today cherish their own beliefs. The generations of today unite a mixture of religious backgrounds; it becomes even more important for individuals to create their own life rituals that reflect who they are today, and who they will become as a couple tomorrow. Your wedding will be one of the most important events in your life, it should reflect you both.

Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candles for a Wedding Ceremony can be a beautiful way of bringing a Traditional Wedding Ceremony into the 21st century. The lighting of a candle at a wedding has long been a tradition, but in the 1980’s it kind of went out of favor.

Recently the tradition started to show up more and more. There are basically three candles in the Unity Candle set, with the two side candles usually being taper candles that represent the couple as individuals and the center candle that represents the couple together.

Somewhere close to the beginning of the Wedding Ceremony, the Mothers of the Bridal Couple or someone special to them will come up to where the candles are, and light the two tapers. These two candles will stay lit during the ceremony and after the Wedding Vows and the Exchange of the rings, the couple will then complete the Unity Candle Ceremony. Together, they will each take one of the lit candles and light the main center candle; this candle is usually a pillar candle and it can be decorated in many ways to represent the couple. Lighting the center candle together represents them uniting as one.

The lighting of the Unity Candle is basically a non-Denominational ceremony. It is accepted to use in all Weddings from Christian Weddings and Jewish Weddings to African American Weddings and Celtic Weddings. The lighting of the Unity Candle is used in all Weddings from the Traditional Wedding and non-Denominational Wedding to a Inter-Faith Wedding. The lighting of the Unity Candle can even be a part of an Elopement Ceremony.

Today a new tradition is emerging. Many couples are getting married for a second time and are bringing children into the marriage. One of the ways to unite two families is with the Unity Candle Ceremony. Instead of using only two tapers, each child will also have a candle. These candles can be the same size as the Couples or they can be smaller to represent each child. The Unity Candle will be lit as a family, symbolizing the creation of one strong, loving, and complete family.

This is one of the best ways to unite two families symbolically and let children know that they are a very important part of the marriage as well as letting the world know that your new family will be one from this day forward.

*Please Note: We do not suggest this ceremony if your wedding will be held outdoors as the side tapers or the Unity Candle may blow out before the end of the Ceremony.

Wedding Sand Ceremony

The Wedding Sand Ceremony is a symbolic and special ritual to celebrate a new life together as a couple. This ceremony is believed to have originated from the Apache Indian customs and represents the joining of two lives as one.

The Wedding Sand Ceremony is basically a non-Denominational Ceremony. The Wedding Sand Ceremony is used in all Weddings from the Traditional Wedding and non-Denominational Wedding to a Inter-Faith Wedding. The Wedding sand Ceremony can even be part of an Elopement Ceremony.

The couple can create a separate set of vows expressing their commitment to each other that they will read during the Wedding Sand Ceremony or the Minister will read a script explaining the tradition and meaning. The Couple chooses two different colors of sand that represents each of them. They each take turns pouring the sand from smaller vases into a larger Unity Vase while they recite their special vows. After the ceremony, the Unity Vase is taken to the couple’s home as a treasured keepsake of the special day.

The Sand Ceremony is also a wonderful way to unite a blended family. If children are also involved in the new marriage then this is a beautiful way of expressing the love that you both share for them. Children can choose their own favorite color of sand that will represent them. Everyone takes turns pouring the sand into the Unity Vase, the children can even say something to each of you or just to the new parent. This is a very touching moment in the ceremony that represents the new family as a whole unit, but it also shows your family and friends how much love and acceptance there is as well as to the world.

Rose Presentation Ceremony

The Rose Presentation Ceremony is a time-honored tradition of letting people know that you love and respect them as well as acknowledging your gratitude. This is a very touching and emotional moment for the parties involved as well as your guests.

During the ceremony, the Minister will announce a special thank you to the parents, sponsors or special persons of the couples for their love and support during their developmental years. The couple will bring a Rose to each Mother and Father, Sponsor, or a special person that has a nurturing effect; they will exchange loving words, hugs and handshakes and return to the Minister and continue with the ceremony. Couples may even leave a Rose on an empty seat of a loved one that can not be there with them. This is a Beautiful Tradition to add to your Special Day.